Who doesn’t want to have skin without wrinkles and signs of the time? This is the dream of most of my patients, healthy skin and no signs of expression. Currently, we have technology as our ally and, many times, we do not even realize that thanks to it, we have new and varied resources to improve our quality of life, health, and well-being.

They are there to prove it, the several devices that appear to help in the dreamed face rejuvenation. In my clinic, Younger, I created, together with other specialists, a treatment protocol with a series of benefits, associating products and the use of devices such as intense pulsed light.

They use technology that emits light, but it’s not a laser. However, as with laser devices, this light generates heat in the skin, which hits several types of targets: melanin (spots), blood vessels (signs), and collagen (sagging and wrinkles).

This treatment is very suitable for stains (melanosis, freckles, and other pigmentation), small vessels (Rosacea/Poikiloderma/Telangiectasia); Enlarged pores, and stretch marks. As a result, a brighter, fresher, and healthier-looking skin is pain-free, safe, and effective and faster results.

Of course, every treatment does not work miracles by itself; I usually recommend a healthy diet, care with excessive sun exposure, reduction in alcohol consumption and smoking, and daily skincare (cleaning, use of good products).

See How Our Protocol Works:

  • peeling effect
  • Application of Photostimulator assets;
  • FLAT ENERGY intense pulsed light devices are used, which is the great differential of the new technologies that currently exist on the market. Flat power technology provides an innovative method. It distributes the energy in a predetermined area, unlike other IPL equipment and lasers, in which the shot is spread over the skin, losing a good part of its energy.
  • With this system, treatment becomes safer, causing less pain and burning and showing faster and more effective results.

Aftercare care:

  • No sun exposure for four weeks. Even avoiding ultraviolet rays, use a minimum sunscreen “SPF 30” 15 minutes before going out; repeat every 3 hours. This must be done during and after treatment.
  • Do not use any product or medication on the treated area without a prescription from the professional who performed the procedure.
  • On the day of the session, avoid taking a hot bath, aerobic exercises, and massages to avoid trauma to the treated area.

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