There is no doubt that the best gifts we take from travel are good memories – moments, adventures, and experiences. Even so, no one reaches the end of a long walk without taking at least one souvenir.

A visit to Santa Catarina does not require a very large suitcase. Those who want to carry a piece of the State with them can resort to the most varied options: in addition to the traditional gifts of ceramic, wood, or shells, there are tasty cachaca’s and artisanal beers.


Anyone who knows the capital of Santa Catarina rarely leaves empty-handed. The Florianopolis Public Market, downtown, is one of the most traditional places to find souvenirs, with souvenirs for all tastes: key chains, plaques, magnets, t-shirts, mugs, cups, and bowls with phrases and prints.

The manual works, made of clay, wood, wicker, or shells, however, delight the eyes. There are replicas of the Hercilio Luz Bridge, of Azorean houses, of local legends – hello, papaya bull! – and much more. Bobbin lace, vine or ceramic decorations, and miniature sailboats are also featured.

Around the Island

Lagoa da Conceicao also has a strong presence of artisans. An afternoon at Praca Bento Silverio in Centrinho can visit the traditional fair, which currently has around 30 exhibitors.

There are ceramic objects, jewelry, and the most diverse handicrafts, crochet souvenirs, candles, porcelain, embroidery, paintings, and lots of art. As a bonus, you still enjoy good cuisine, from acaraje to vegan products.

In the North of the Island, following the SC-401 highway, a good option is Feira das Alfaias, in the Historic Center of Santo Antonio de Lisboa.

It is held on Saturdays from 10 am to 7 pm and on Sundays from 10 am to 7 pm, bringing together art, crafts, and antiques. Good music animates Roldao da Rocha Pires square, where there is the first cobbled street in Santa Catarina.

Manezinhas Beers

The beer public that passes through Florianopolis can find the desired local craft beers on Avenida Madre Benvenuta in the Santa Monica neighborhood. The more far-fetched alternatives include guard beers produced in the brewery, matured in oak barrels, and then go through other processes.

And the creativity of brewers has no limit: there are wild options for those who want to take brewer’s wort agglutinated with bagasse and yeast, which undergoes wild fermentation.

Luiz Alves

If it’s cachaca you want to take in your suitcase, your destination is certain: Luiz Alves. Santa Catarina, known as the National Capital of Cachaca and located less than an hour from Blumenau, will offer options for all budgets.

The most sought after tourists are the cachaca’s aged in oak, found in bottles from 700 ml to 750 ml. Those looking for something more rustic can opt for cachaca’s that have been aged for a longer time or those that come in special bottles and carved wooden boxes.

Another attraction is the liqueur from Luizalvense, made from cachaca or brandy. A good choice is the Schlagenwasser, inspired by the Jagermeister herbal liqueur. With recipes that transcend generations, Luiz Alves’ traditional drinks can be found in ten stills.

The places have become home to award-winning cachaca’s and quality raw materials with charming structures. The route to visit the stills is full of green landscapes, highlighting the view of sugarcane plantations and fishing ponds.

The visit can still end with classic memorabilia, such as handmade glass towers for drinks, made with recycled glass and about one meter high. Another gift option is a small wooden barrel with cachaca, which varies in price depending on the drink.


Taking home a good bottle is a must for every tourist who visits the Vale da Cerveja route, which includes the municipalities of Gaspar, Pomerode, Indaial, Timbo, and, of course, Blumenau. Therefore, a visit to the city of Oktoberfest cannot be limited to tasting.

The Center, in Blumenau, is the place where most concentrates breweries, bars, and brewpubs (those that produce their own beer). For lovers of a traditional craft beer, the option is Pilsen. On the other hand, Ipa is aimed at fans of the most bitter.

Tourists visiting Blumenau also usually take combos with beers and personalized crystal glass. In addition, visits to factories can yield gifts such as branded cups and caps. Valuable tip: the visit can be even more fun in January, when the traditional Sommerfest, the summer version of Oktoberfest, is held.

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