Nowadays, the problem of electricity consumption is becoming more and more pronounced, sometimes being too difficult to manage the costs that have to be paid.

In order to get rid of them, many people choose various methods that can help them maintain thermal comfort in the home without having to pay any additional costs to obtain it.

One solution that can be considered is the architectural innovation that consists of curtain walls applied over the already existing structure of the building.

The reason why they have become so popular is simple but important: it offers the desired thermal comfort in all interior rooms.

What’s in the Arsenal of Curtain Wall Benefits?

Thermal Insulation

In the current context, the methods available for thermal insulation are in high demand due to its impact on the home in terms of thermal comfort.

Curtain walls are mostly made of glass and are mostly used in office buildings for the advantages they offer in terms of thermal insulation and the elegant, clean look that is maintained with minimal effort.


Another essential aspect that is considered at the moment is sound insulation. Its lack can create a chaotic, disharmonious environment for the house’s inhabitants. In the case of office buildings, ensuring peace of mind can be a decisive factor in carrying out employees’ activities.

Otherwise, the level of productivity decreases, and the result of work no longer has the same degree of performance. Concerning the home, it’s crucial to note that the comfort of your home can help be a great way to avoid mental health issues, including depression, anxiety and depression.

Low Level of Maintenance

Being predominantly made of glass, curtain walls do not need a high level of maintenance. It is recommended to clean twice a year, with special solutions, a process that does not require much time or much effort.

No one wants to take responsibility for certain extra tasks when they might as well be avoided. Completing the curtain walls with the installation of retractable pergolas can be a useful combination that offers the desired performance.

If the pergolas are installed in addition to the curtain walls, the owner of the house or office building will enjoy thermal comfort at a much higher level and an extension of the entire space by creating an outdoor area protected from the weather and ultraviolet rays.

This space could be used as a terrace, as a place of relaxation for household members, for their friends and relatives when they come to visit or as a resting place where employees in the office building can socialize or dine.

In conclusion, every home could benefit from a higher thermal comfort with the installation of retractable pergolas and curtain walls. In addition to this technical detail, the two architectural elements also improve the design of the building, allowing it to gain more value when the owner wants to sell his house.

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