Yes, you can. Brother sewing machines feature free motion quilting feet with a free-motion grip that makes free-motion quilting possible. You can run your quilting project more smoothly with any Brother Sewing machine.

Even though a darning foot and lower feed dogs, these brother sewing machines enable you to control the quilt’s movement in whatever direction you like. A Brother’s¬†best sewing machine for free motion quilting¬†accomplishes a free motion quilt in only two simple steps.

Step 1. Quilting Foot Installation

  • Set the free motion quilting foot according to the Brother manual of your specific model.
  • Replace the present presser foot and the presser foot holder from the machine.
  • The needle clamp screw should be above the free-motion quilting foot pen.
  • Arrange the quilting foot’s lower left part and presser bar
  • Adjust the holder screw of the presser foot with a screwdriver while placing the quilting foot “O” on your right hand.
  • To protect the needle from hitting the presser foot and breaking it, fix the holder screw of the presser foot with the screwdriver.
  • Get to the drop-fed lever placed at the bottom of the machine.
  • Move the lever to the left or toward the sign shown in the manual.

Step 2. Initiate Sewing

  • Turn on the machine and set the stitch setting according to the suggestion given in the manual.
  • Keep a steady sewing speed while pulling the fabric taut.
  • Remember to backstitch at the opening and completion of your sewing.
  • After you’ve finished stitching, move the drop feed lever to the right. Or follow the direction according to the picture given in the manual.
  • Turn the handwheel and raise the feed dogs.

How Do You Install Free-Motion Foot on Brother’s Machines?

However, Brother sewing machines typically feature a darning foot or a free motion foot. Attaching a free motion foot on Brother’s sewing machines is the same as changing the foot on any sewing machine. So, let’s follow the steps-

  1. Go through the manual of your Brother sewing machine
  2. Make sure whether your machine model is either compatible with the free motion foot or not
  3. Turning on the handwheel anticlockwise and raising the needle
  4. Switch the machine off and lift the lever of the presser foot
  5. Release the foot by pressing the button backward of the foot holder.
  6. Underneath the holder, insert the free motion foot.
  7. Comply with the foot’s pin with the shank of the holder.
  8. To insert the pin into the shank, drop the foot lever. Then install the new foot to the machine
  9. Using the foot lever, raise it to ensure the fixation has been completed.

Final Verdict

Moreover, you can use Brother sewing machines for embroidery and free motion quilting since they usually have a large hole in the front that allows you to see the needle area clearly.

So, it becomes easy to let the cloth be moved while sewing and hold it in position while stitching to make free motion projects more convenient.

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